10-minute poetry exercise: Choose a memory. It can be something from your childhood or something recent, it doesn’t matter. Close your eyes and think of this memory. When you have it write for 2 minutes on each of the following: -In the memory, i see…(2 minutes); In the memory, i hear…(2 minutes) ,In the memory, i feel…(2 minutes) ,In the memory, i smell…(2 minutes) ,In the memory, i taste…(2 minutes)

I wrote this about a childhood memory, I used to have frequent nosebleeds, so my parents took me to the family doctor and had my nose cauterized. I think this was maybe a traumatic experience. But I didn’t really consider that until I had to think about something from my childhood for the writing assignment. Please standby I’ve got another story coming.


Eyes screwed shut. I see nothing except

the swirling neon ghosts behind my eyeballs

and explosions of indescribable colors.

Hold still Mr. ░░░░░░░░

I’m going to count to three

One, Two …

The warm tones of adult contemporary music on the radio.

Rust red clots of martian dust slide down the back of my throat.

Scorched by the exhaust of a departing rocket.